There is no doubt that this election year is super charged creating a great division in our country. This can be difficult to understand if you’re not a political fanatic and you might not even have the ability to vote yet, but YOU will be the generations that shape our future. Everyone has the right to vote for whomever they feel best represents their interests. Our government is complex. There are many players in the field and many obstacles (such as the media) that can determine who scores. The right to vote is a precious one that has had a long and muddled past and a still complex future. This book list contains books that may help you understand the history of the fight for the right to vote, and navigate through the next month as you witness more of the political unrest of 2020.

Drawing the Vote

by Tommy Jenkins


Crafted in an engaging, readable, and easy to understand manner, Jenkins provides a history of the fight for the right to vote from the American Revolution to present day. Written in a graphic novel format, this is not your typical bogged down history book. Jenkins gives the background of major events such as women’s suffrage, the civil rights movement, voter suppression, and more. Events that still affect us today. This book provides a basic understanding of why the right to vote is a precious freedom not to be taken lightly. Every voice matters.

Votes of Confidence

by Jeff Fleischer


A no nonsense, complete overview of the American political system. If you are looking for an easy to read explanation of the complex American government because you just never quite got it in your high school history/government classes, this book is for you. Jeff Fleischer writes in a way that feels like a conversation with your favorite teacher. Well explained, and thorough. A book I highly recommend if you’re looking to gain a better understanding of the American Political System as we near the 2020 Presidential election.

Check out some more Fiction/Non-fiction books for the election season:

Marva cannot wait to vote in her first election, then she meets Duke, who can’t vote. Marva is not about to stand aside and see Duke denied this right. Together they find a way to make a stand and change the world.
Discusses the Shelby Ruling, a 2013 Supreme Court decision that has since led to voter suppression laws in some states, including voter ID’s, gerrymandering, and poll closures. Follow Anderson as she explains the activism and court cases fighting to restore the rights threatened by the Shelby Ruling.
Two complete strangers end up in a long distance romance in the least expected way, via a heated voter registration phone call. Can they work it out or are their philosophies too different?
A full graphic history of women’s fight for their rights from queens and princesses, to slavery and colonialism, suffrage, the sexual revolution, and more. A full picture of feminism.
Covers the eight decade fight for women’s right to vote and the 19th Amendment. Follows the lives of passionate women who marched, protested, and witnessed some of the ugliest moments for women’s rights.
What would it be like to turn 15 on the march from Selma to Montgomery? The story of the youngest person to complete the march, her imprisonments, and participation in nonviolent protests.

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