Stand Up and VOTE

There is no doubt that this election year is super charged creating a great division in our country. This can be difficult to explain to our younger generations, those who do not yet have the ability to vote, but will be the generations that shape our future. Everyone has the right to vote for whomever they feel best represents their interests. Our government is complex. There are many players in the field and many obstacles (such as the media) that can determine who scores. The right to vote is a precious one that has had a long and muddled past and a still complex future. This book list contains picture books, chapter books, and youth non-fiction books that may help explain the history of the fight for the right to vote, and navigate our young generations through the next month as they witness more of the political unrest of 2020.

Picture Books

Chapter Books & Graphic Novels

*3 Book Series

Non-Fiction & Biographies

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